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Monday, December 1, 2008

Awaaaay we go!

Welcome to the Newfoundland and Labrador Free Photoguides blog. I'm your host, Kent Barrett. I live and work in beautiful St. John's NL and I look forward to viewing your Photoguides.

This site is part of a global network of free open source photo guides which are written by photographers for photographers. This is what makes this project such a wonderful and useful resource. Photographers who have "been there" can share tips and information that you simply will not find in general interest or travel guides.

The project is just under way so join the fun and start a Photoguide or three. Fame and glory are yours for the taking! Seriously, this is a labour of love, but you'll get your work seen by a truly appreciative audience.

Let me know when you have a Photoguide done, and I'll link it in to the system. My email is in my profile in the box on the right. You can download the simple instructions and get started right here.

Happy PhotoGuiding!

-Kent Barrett

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